Currently, I run the events and membership programs for a bicycle advocacy organization in California's Slow Coast. My professional expertise along the way has included event planning, public relations, creative marketing, content production, staffing and volunteer coordination, community engagement, customer service, and non-profit grant-writing. Etcetera. 

For years, I ran the (big) events program at a (prominent) independent bookstore in Northern California. There I programmed, marketed, and ran book-related events, mostly book tours (reading+signings). I believe extremely firmly in indie bookstores and book tours: if you don't know what that means, here is a brilliant piece in The Atlantic online by Noah Charney about book tours and why they are important and cool. (Yes, I met famous people. Yes, they are as cool as you think they'll be.)

I edit and write freelance projects when I'm asked. Ask me, won't you?

I am also a

  & volunteer | runner | traveler | reader | cat person | capricorn | tattoo enthusiast | East Coast native